Student Growth Mindset

Image by:  S. Miles

Students that have an intrinsic drive to learn often retain information and are able to apply their learning in practical situations.  When students develop a growth mindset, they become much more goal oriented, which is a valuable skill to learn at a young age.  When students take responsibility for their own learning and understand the pivotal role that they play, a growth mind set begins to set in.  How do we as educators promote a growth mindset?  I have provided a list of activities that can be used to inspire students to become more responsible for their own learning in order to nurture a growth mindset.

1.)  Students communicate how they feel about their learning …

  • Students  become more aware of how metacognition plays a role in learning
  • Students review their latest assignment/test and reflect on their performance
  • Students complete a plus/delta chart on their weekly performance
  • Students analyze classroom achievement data and set goals based on the results
2.)  What happens after reflecting via journaling is vital …                    

  • Students monitor their progress to ensure that they are making steady progress towards their goal
3.)  Next …
  • Look at specific areas of concern for continuous improvement

What do you do to encourage student responsibility in the classroom?

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