Building Student Rapport

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Building rapport is essential in any organization.  In a school setting, developing student/teacher and parent/teacher rapport  can lead to increased learning.  Developing a positive relationship takes time and is often not discussed in teacher preparation courses.  Like many teachers find out, this topic is often part of the ‘on-the-job’ experience and evident during the first year of teaching.

To be an effective teacher, students need to understand that everyone at the school is there to support their learning.  Building student rapport is vital and that positive relationship often encourages students to learn at optimal levels.  Having stellar rapport can lead to increased student confidence.  Increased student confidence may lead to increased achievement. How do you build appropriate student/teacher rapport?  The list below isn’t all-encompassing, but I’ve used and found success with many of the ideas below. I’ve included a link in each line for more information.

What are some activities or strategies that you use to improve rapport?

Author: Matt Coaty

I've taught elementary students for the past 14 years. I enjoy reading educational research and learning from my PLN. Words on this blog are my own.

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