Student Content Creators – Prezi

Using Prezi Presentations in Math Class
Using Prezi Presentations in Math Class

My students have used a variety of iPad content creation apps this school year. During the past few weeks my math students have built their Prezi presentations.   Students chose a specific topic within the current unit to present and have compiled their Prezi during the past couple days.  The process started when the Prezi rubric was created. A rubric was compiled by the class and students followed the document to complete their Prezi.


The Prezi presentations are being utilized to showcase student understanding of specific math concepts.  The students are now in their last editing stages before they present. They will present on the topic during the next week.

Using Prezi

Sample Screenshot

Today I decided to take some pictures to document our journey.  I observed many things happening in the classroom.  I found that students were moving around the classroom, reviewing the Prezi rubric, taking pictures with the iPad, researching practical problems, using the whiteboards, using other apps to modify pictures, and exporting their presentations.   What I found especially interesting was that all of the activities were being done independently.   Students were taking ownership of their own learning and finding solutions to the problems that they encountered. Another thing that I observed was that students were showing perseverance skills, especially when troubleshooting problems involving taking/editing pictures and importing files into Prezi.

These skills are especially important and definitely help the students in/out of the classroom. Through this process I’m finding that students are becoming more confident in using technology and also in themselves as they showcase their learning.

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