Open House and Augmented Reality

Using Aurasma to Showcase Learning

This past week parents were invited to my school’s annual Open House.  During Open House parents visit classrooms to view student work and to briefly chat with teachers.  Students  often showcase their work and become a tour guide for their parents for that night. The night is designed to strengthen the level of community support and bring awareness to student learning in the classroom.  The parents tend to look forward to this event every year and this year was no different.

Over the past month I’ve been experimenting with using augmented reality (AR) with elementary students.  During the last week or so I was able to share the Aurasma app with different staff members.  The teachers and I started to think of ways students could use AR in the classroom and possibly highlight student work for our Open House night.  The teachers brainstormed and came up with a few different ideas. One of the ideas revolved around incorporating a book recommendation component. After much trial and error we came up with a solution.  See how it was implemented below.

Augmented Reality Book Recommendation:

Students picked one of their favorite books and created a book recommendation video.  Students were asked to indicate the title of the book, author, main characters, short summary, and recommendation.  Students then used an iPad to video record each other recommending the books.  The teacher then uploaded the video and trigger image using the Aurasma app. The trigger image was the cover of the book.  When parents hovered over the book cover their child’s book recommendation video appeared.

Student videos appear after cover is scanned with Aurasma app
Student videos appears after cover is scanned

Parents were excited to see their child’s work and I believe the students were proud to show it off.   This project was definitely worthwhile and helped the parents of the community become more familiar with some of technology that the classrooms are using.  I saw this event as an #eduwin in my record book.

How do you use augmented reality in the classroom?

Author: Matt Coaty

I've taught elementary students for the past 14 years. I enjoy reading educational research and learning from my PLN. Words on this blog are my own.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. There’s a lot of potential uses for AR and math. I’m going to explore a few options over the summer and possibly use them next school year.


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